Finding a missing person can be a difficult task, but if you know where to look, it is often much easier to find a missing person.

About Us

About Us

Missing Person Helpline is an International Organization which in a wonderful way, contributes to the easy search for the missing person by sharing the information of unclaimed alive or dead persons to the concerned families. We work for orphan children, women, old age people, mentally disturbed, disabled, missing cases, unclaimed found people, murdered cases, kidnappings, human trafficking and abused children. This platform helps to find the missing person at the international level and help the concerned people to cooperate with each other, which also improves the working style of the officials. This platform can be easily accessible by common man.

Our mission is to bring back all the lost persons to their homes, or to bring the information of unidentified dead bodies to their respective families, our workers collect information about these lost people and regularly update the information on website and our Android App. Every day the details of found unclaimed persons (living or dead) are updated on both the platforms for the public to view free.

If you are looking for your missing person, please download our Android App (App Link Google Play Store) and search for him / her in the found persons and found dead bodies. You can also register your missing person’s detail, which will be circulated free of cost to all our whatsapp groups and social media platforms. If there’s any matching profile to any missing person details, it will be automatically indicated in the admin panel and we share the details to the family.

So far, we have over 34,000 profiles of unclaimed people (living or dead bodies) registered on our website and Android App (App Link). Out of which we have successfully restored over 4,500 people. Some of them were restored living and details of dead bodies were provided to the families. Our goal is restore all of them and many more that will be found in the days to come to their respective homes.
Our Mission

Concern about Our Mission

Our mission is to give back to the society in all manners possible which will help create a loving and caring world around us, where people feel and care for others pain more than themselves.

Our vision is to search and restore every missing or unclaimed persons whether young children, aged people with memory lose, illiterate, physically impaired who can't share their details, so that no family or members suffers the pain of missing members.

We aim to envision a world that believes in unlimited love, inexpressible joy, sheer peace, undefeated patience, unmerited kindness, pure goodness, absolute faithfulness, firm gentleness and disciplined self-control.

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